Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Instant Traffic Using Google Profile

An associate of mine mind Chris Morris just sent me a great video about how to get "Instant Traffic Using Google Profile". I setup my profile just as Chris recommend in the video. Although I still have to add pictures to my profile it's a work in process.

I wanted to share this with you so that you too can get additional traffic to your site. Read more

Another excellent item that I discovered and I believe will be of use to you is:

DIRECTORY SUBMITTER This is Brad Callen's free software that allows you to increase your Google Ranking quickly by getting hundreds of high qualilty 1-Way Links To Your Websites!

I'm been using Directory Submitter for over a week now and I like it a lot. Once you do the initial setup (very easy) then all I do daily is go to my submitter click on the urls that I want to submitt my websites to and viola that software does it automatically.

What a easy tool to use! Before I was painfully submitting my sites by hand and I don't need to tell you what a pain that was. I can honestly tell you that I've save myself more time and I know I'm being much more productive.