Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Easiest Way To Attract More Customers To Your Business 630 242-0453

Amazing Branding and Marketing Package To Attract More Customers to Your Business...

What’s your biggest problem? Is it getting more customers to your business?

What are your customers looking for when they are looking for your service?

How do your customers describe their problem?

Why not talk to some of your potential customers and get a verbatim
of exactly how they describe their problem and what solution they are searching for?

The easiest way to attract more customers to your business is by using the amazing power of Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, Backpage and Press releases etc.,which will help your customers solve their problems.

You'll know the exact phrases they used to search to get to your business.

Attracting more customers to your business is A Dream Come True for the low cost of only $495.00.

In the initial setup you will receive:

Creation of Facebook Page
Creation of Twitter Page
3 Targeted Keywords
One Craiglist Ad
One Backpage Ad
One Press Release Article

This product is tremendously easy to use. But, if you prefer for an additional $150.00 monthly subscription my service will update your:

Facebook page
Twitter page using your 3 targeted keywords. Update your Craiglist and Backpage Ad weekly.
Press release article update.

The quickest and easiest way to get more customers to your business is by clicking on the Buy Now button below:

Initial Setup For Facebook Package

Monthly Subscription
After you've purchased Initial Setup For Facebook Package For people who would prefer to hand over the monthly maintence.

When you sign up for the monthly maintance there is never a contract and you can opt out at anytime. Guaranteed!!

After purchase sand an email to Include your name, email address, phone number and the best time you can be reached or simply call (630) 242-0453 and leave a message with the above details and we will return you call within 24 hours.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Chicago 24 Hour Plumbers Get More Clients Fast Using Clickable Craigslist Ads 630 242 0453

Chicago 24 Hour Plumbers Get More Clients Fast Using Craigslist Clickable Ads.

Are you looking to get more clients faster?

Are you using craigslist or backpage?

We can create a nice compelling CLICKABLE Craigslist or Backpage Ads that will generate MORE customers or MORE leads for your business. See the link below.

You can buy it now for the low introductory price of $59.00

Monday, April 12, 2010

You're Hired!

The Keeper of the Gate Holds the Key to your Fate
Before you can get your foot in the door, you have to know how to oil the outer gate so that it easily swings open.
Check out the 4 best tips for getting the gatekeeper to help you pass right on through instead of shutting you out.

Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door: Job Search Secrets No One Else Will Tell You

The Best Spinner

Helping Chicago Small Business Be Findable On The Net

Monday, January 11, 2010

Presumptous Pop-up Panel

Hi Brent,

You're absolutley right, it is very annoying. I've perfected my clickability to the point where I'm now able to avoid the pop-ups, unless it's something I'm interested in!

in reference to: Yahoo! (view on Google Sidewiki)