Thursday, June 21, 2007

Drive Traffic And Backlinks To Your Web Site Without Lifting A Finger

Hello Everyone,

Happy belated Fathers' Day for those dads out there! Hope you had a really cool dads' day. I know both my sons did.

I was searching on the web today and came across another interesting article "Drive Traffic And Backlinks To Your Web Site Without Lifting A Finger" and I highly recommend that you read it.

Also, would you leave a comment about the article on my blog as to whether you liked the article and would like to see more articles like this or if you didn't like the article and what you didn't like about it.

Happy reading.

Jackie Anderson

Here is the reprint of the article:

Drive Traffic And Backlinks To Your Web Site Without Lifting A Finger
Dave Saunders

By now everyone has heard how online press releases can generate quick targeted traffic and bring all the major search engines running to index you like there’s no tomorrow. The question is, have you done yours yet? Press releases have traditionally been something you paid thousands of dollars to have professionally written.

You needed to hire some fancy PR firm to write your release (usually by committee). Then they would submit it for PR News Wire (sometimes costing nearly a thousand dollars).Then they’d fax the release, and make a bunch of calls. If you were lucky, they would actually find a reporter who was interested enough to pick up your story -- and – you’d get some exposure.

Those days are history for those in the know. Today, you can use online PR services to put your release in front of more eyes than you can imagine. Faster. And certainly cheaper. In fact, many news reporters themselves are turning increasingly to news sources like Yahoo and Google for stories and content to meet their deadlines and keep their editors happy! Huh? Yes, I kid you not... Reporters have simplified and streamlined their “hunt for news scoops” by creating filters for online news. Just for the information about topics they’re writing about.

Yes, that's right... Reporters are just as lazy as the rest of us! Which is great news for you. Because it means that a little bit of creative keyword optimization in your release can put you at the top of all the news stories from the “big players.” But the benefits don’t stop there. Some online PR services allow you to include multimedia with your release and even add “backlinks” which savvy Internet marketers know are like candy magnets to search engines.

Why do some Internet marketers pay over $300 a month for just ONE of these backlinks from another website renting space from their own website? Because the “right” kind of backlinks can be worth more than their weight in online gold. And believe this: The right kind of press release, distributed to the right places, and in the right format... is one of the best treasure maps imaginable to that online gold.

Are you starting to picture what an effective online release can do for you and your website? I love doing press releases for my own sites but I've also come to enjoy providing those services to others. I believe in the Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich” concept of if you want something, be ready to provide something of yourself to get it.

So here’s my offer... I want to write your next press release. It can be for a new site, or for an existing site. It doesn't matter one bit one way or the other. I will write your press release. I will submit your press release. And I'll even show you some of the cool tricks that can get you keyword backlinks right inside your press release. And... I will do this at no initial cost. That means free.

After the release goes out, if you’re satisfied with what a good news release can do for your website, then I ask that you pay me $500.00 and write an honest testimonial for me. If you're not satisfied, then you owe me nothing (except for an honest reason of what you didn't like, or where you felt I went wrong for you).

Is that fair, or what? I normally charge $1,500 and up for a single press release. Even that price has been considered a bargain because of the results I've gotten for my PR customers! So why am I doing this? Well, there are two reasons...1. Earning some extra money (there are dragons at my gate needing to be fed :)2. I have some excellent leads interested in putting me on retainer to do online PR campaigns for them.

Your endorsement for a job well done will help me clinch those deals.So, everybody wins. And all the risk is on me.There is only one catch. There’s always a catch, isn’t there? No biggie though. And entirely OPTIONAL...Some of the niftier features available from some of the online PR services require payment.

I’ll explain exactly what those options are. And I’ll explain what the potential benefits are for using them. If you decide you do want them in your release, then you need to pay those fees before your press release can be submitted with those options. So that’s it. I will brainstorm with you and find some news that can be used in a release about your site or your product. I will write the release and I will submit it to the high performing online news services.

If I come up with more than one news idea I will even give you the list of additional stories you can write, or have someone like me write, in the future. Again, if you like what you get I ask for $500.00 and a written testimonial.

I’ve already told a few people about this offer and the responses been pretty significant. I’ll do my very best to take care of all requests as quickly as humanly possible.But I will operate in a first come first served order. So if you’re interested, contact me now.

About the Author:Dave Saunders operates Nemock, LLC and can be reached at at

Read more articles by: Dave Saunders Article Source:

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Do Your Potential Customers Forget About You?

Hi Everyone,

I came across this very interesting article, especially for those of us who are looking for ways to build our email list. I highly recommend it.

Do Your Potential Customers Forget About You?
[By: Tom Kulzer]

Your web business probably gets product inquiries from potential customers around the globe. Inquiries come via e-mail and your web site, and you try to send information to each hot prospect as quickly as you can.

You know that you can drastically increase the likelihood of making a sale by satisfying each person's need for information quickly!
But, after you've delivered that first bit of information to your prospect, do you send him any further information?

If you are like most Internet marketers, you don't.
When you don't follow that initial message with additional information later on, you let a valuable prospect slip from your grasp!

This is a potential customer who may have been very interested in your products, but who lost your contact information, or was too busy to make a purchase when your first message reached him.

Often, a prospect will purposely put off making a purchase, to see if you find him important enough to follow up with later. When he doesn't receive a follow up message from you, he will take his business elsewhere.

Are you losing business due to inconsistent and ineffective follow up?

Following up with leads is more than just a process - it's an art. In order to be effective, you need to design a follow up system, and stick to it, EVERY DAY!

If you don't follow up with your prospects consistently, INDIVIDUALLY, and in a timely fashion, then you might as well forget the whole follow up process.

Consistent follow up gets results!

When I first started marketing and following up with prospects, I used a follow up method that I now call the "List Technique."

I had a large database containing the names and e-mail addresses of people who had specifically requested information about my products and services.

These prospects had already received my first letter by the time they requested more information, so I used the company's latest news as a follow up piece.

I would write follow up newsletters every now and then, and send them, in one mass mailing, to everyone who had previously requested information from me.

While this probably did help me win a few additional orders, it wasn't a very good follow up method. Why isn't the "List Technique" very effective?

The List Technique isn't consistent. Proponents of the List Technique tend to only send out follow up messages when their companies have "big news".

List Technique messages don't give the potential customer any additional information about the product or service in question.

He can't make a more informed buying decision after receiving a newsletter! If someone is wondering whether your company sells the best knick-knacks, what does he care that you've just moved your headquarters?

List Technique messages convey a "big list" mentality to your potential customers. When I used to write follow up messages using the List Technique, I was writing news bulletins to everyone I knew!

I should have been sending a personal message to each individual who wanted to know more about my products.

What follow up method really works?

Following up with each lead individually, multiple times, but at set intervals, and with pre-written messages, will dramatically increase sales!

Others who use this same technique confirm that they have all at least doubled the sales of various products! In order to set this system up, though, you need to do some planning.
First, you'll need to develop your follow up messages.

If you've been marketing on the Internet for any length of time, then you should already have a first informative letter.

Your second letter marks the beginning of the follow up process, and should go into more detail than the first letter.

Fill this letter with details that you didn't have the space to add to the first letter. Stress the BENEFITS of your products or services!

Your next 2-3 follow up messages should be rather short. Include lists of the benefits and potential uses of your products and services.

Write each letter so that your prospects can skim the contents, and still see the full force of your message.
The next couple of follow up messages should create a sense of urgency in your prospect's mind. Make a special offer, giving him a reason to order NOW instead of waiting any longer.
After reading these follow up messages, your prospect should want to order immediately!

Phrase each of your final 1 or 2 follow up messages in the form of a question. Ask your prospect why he hasn't yet placed an order? Try to get him to actually respond.

Ask if the price is to high, the product isn't the right color or doesn't have the right features, or if he is looking for something else entirely. (By this time, it's unlikely that this person will order from you.

However, his feedback can help you modify your follow up letters or products, so that other prospects will order from you.

The timing of your follow up letters is just as important as their content. You don't want one prospect to receive a follow up the day after he gets your initial informative letter, while another prospect waits weeks for a follow up!

Always send an initial, informative letter as soon as it is requested, and send the first follow up 24 hours afterwards.

You want your hot prospects to have information quickly, so that they can make informed buying decisions!

Send the next 2-3 follow up messages between 1 and 3 days apart. Your prospect is still hot, and is probably still shopping around!

Tell him about the benefits of your products and services, as opposed to your competitors'. You will make the sale!

Send the final follow up messages later on. You certainly don't want to annoy your prospect! Make sure that these last letters are at least 4 days apart.

Following up effectively seems complicated, but it doesn't have to be! So many potential customers are lost because of poor follow up - don't you want to be one of the few to get it right?
Tom Kulzer, CEO and Founder of Newtown, PA based AWeber Communications, Inc. an opt-in email service provider. With 7 years managing opt-in follow up and newsletters for small businesses, email deliverability is an integral part of day to day operations. Learn more: and

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hannah Klamecki is Alive

It's good news missing 5 year old Hannah Klamecki is alive! Such a blessing! Hannah stumbled out of the woods after being missing for two days while on a boating trip with her grandfather. in Momence, Il.

Unfortunately her grandfathers' body was pulled from the river the day before. The officials considered the possibility that little Hannah may have drowned when two day later here she comes stumbling out of the woods!

Want more details

What an incredible human interest story.

Jackie Anderson

Friday, June 15, 2007

Even With Pinkeye!

Hi everyone,

I've had an exciting couple of days. I went to the Doctor yesterday. The problem was with my eyes. I notices that I had what felt like a cut in the far corner of my right eye.

I noticed this on Tuesday, and after doing some self medicating attempting to fix the problem myself (putting peroxide on the infected area!) I finally went to the doctor.

Well, the prognosis was that I had the pink eye! Yeah that crusty stuff that keep your eyelids shut when you try to open them the first thing in the morning.

Naturally, my Doctor her name is Dr. Dolly was livid when I told her that I had been using peroxide on my eyes! Not in my eyes directly but close enough that if it had gotten into my eyes there probably could have been bigggggg problems :)

So I had to take off work yesterday and today, gushy stuff still coming out of the eye, but there is noticeable improvement. So I know tomorrow I'll be even better than today.

Guess what I'm able to write you this note with pretty limited vision right now. What an experience. Next time I'll know better.

In addition to that the weather here is about 93 degrees and the humidity is up there. Talk with you later. Thanks.

Jackie Anderson

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

BrainStorming Your New Site Concept

Wow...I just finished an intensive 3 almost 4 weeks of brainstorming keywords.

Keep in mind that I've done this in addition to working my regular job and also attending to my home and family, which probably accounts for the length of time that it took me :)

I when I finished brainstorming for keywords to develop for my new Site concept or another blog not sure which I was very happy having just finished that step in the process, whew!

Was it a lot a work? Yes!

Was it satisfying having finished it? Yes, yes, and yes again :)

I was in the keyword tool center at and using a tool call searchit which is at

This is a wonderful tool that allows you to search on keywords.
It tells you how many searches have been done on a particular keyword and allows you access to tons of information.

This searchit tool enables you to narrow down your a niche specific to what you can master and are passion about without having to compete with the heavy weights that are on the net.

I am also following the plan that is in the Affiliate's Masters Course, by Ken Evoy.

Kudos to Ken for having the foresight to put together a blueprint for people like me.

All I need to do is just follow the plan and with lots of elbow grease I can have a successful well monetizing website :)

You can download a copy of this FREE ebook simply go to and get a copy for yourself.

I know you'll be happy that you did. I certainly am! Be forewarned though, if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme this is not it.

If you are looking for a way to build a viable business and you're not afraid of working for it, then you gotta this for yourself.

My next step in this process now is to narrow down my keyword list and weed out keywords that are to competitive.

I'll keep you posted on this, talk with you soon.

Jackie Anderson

Saturday, June 9, 2007

So You Want Your Blog Post To Be Linkable?

Is your blog post linkable?

I came across this article the other day and it started me to thinking.

Naturally my goal here is to have my blog linkable and how to achieve that was a question that was burning in my mind.

So I set out on a mission to find out the easiest way to do that. You know we all want easy right?

And low and behold I came across this little survey while I was digging around over at

The article "How Linkable is your blog post" presented by Google Blogscoped I thought was pretty interesting.

The article starts out with a survey some of the questions posed were things like:

  1. My Post Title includes a pun

  2. My Post Title includes more than 10 words

  3. I start off by explaining the post core ideas

As well as other thought provoking questions. Well, long story short I continued with the survey and then clicked the submit button, which generates the results of this short survey.

My results were 20% linkable and it also gives suggestions on things that I can do to improve my linkability. Naturally I will be implementing those suggestions in the future.

If you would like to take this survey you can go to and take the survey yourself. I'm sure you'll see it is an eye opener.

Jackie Anderson

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Here's your FREE Trial subscription...

Hello everyone,

Have you been searching for FREE quality information that you can use to build a successful online business, but getting totally frustrated by the lack of *useful* content out there?

Believe me, I feel your pain! I was in the exact same boat that you're in right now...

No matter how *much* I searched, I just kept coming across the same old recycled tips from a bunch of so-called "experts," which turned out to be nothing but thinly disguised plugs for products nobody needs or even wants!

But then I came across Internet marketing guru Derek Gehl and his team at the Internet Marketing Center...

... and I quickly discovered that not all experts are created equal!

See, thanks to a lot of advice and help early on, Derek took a $25 investment and turned it into $60,000,000 in online sales -- and now, in appreciation for the support he received when he was starting out, he's determined to give back.

(For instance, in the past couple of weeks alone, he's given away over $450,000 worth of free eBooks. Talk about being committed to helping YOU succeed!)

Anyway, Derek's now offering FREE TRIAL subscriptions to his exclusive members-only online profit newsletter, "Secrets To Their Success," and he's agreed to reserve a few for my best customers!

If you haven't heard of "Secrets To Their Success" before, be prepared to be blown away, because every month, Derek and his team put together TWO extensive case studies of real people like YOU who have created online businesses that make a minimum of $100,000 a year.

And these are NOT just "fluffy" personality profiles...

Using intense "question and answer" interviews, Derek totally *dissects* each business, and exposes every tip... every strategy... every tool they used to start, build, and grow their businesses to their current success.

You'll even hear about the mistakes they made, and how they suggest YOU avoid them!

I've been a subscriber for YEARS, and the things I've learned have added more to my bottom line than I can even guess.

You should check it out. Like I said, it's totally FREE to try.

Here's the link to find out more:


Jackie Anderson

P.S. Derek might be *enthusiastic* when it comes to giving stuff away, but he's not crazy. He's only got a limited number of FREE Trial subscriptions to go around (he IS running a business, after all), and once they're gone, they're gone...

... and I have NO idea when they'll be available again (the last time he offered them was over 3 years ago)!

So you should claim your FREE TRIAL right away.
Go to
and see a program that I'm involved with and so far I really, really like.

It is with the Internet Marketing Center. They are offering a Free Trial Subscription

Monday, June 4, 2007

The Secret To Getting Traffic To Your Site

Its' been a few days since my last post. I'm still planning, researching, writing and rewriting my findings.

I just wanted to give you a quick update as to where I am today.

I'm still researching Making Your Content Sell.

This is the "C" in the formula of C>T>P>M
  • Content

  • Traffic

  • Presell

  • Monetize

During my last post I talked a little about what your focus should be which is having great content.

How do you get great content?

Ask yourself these questions:

What do you talk about a lot to your friends?

What section(s) of the book store do you normally gravitate to?

What kind of hobbies do you have?

What are you passionate about?

What skills have your learned from your job that you could share with someone else?

Need some extra help with memory joggers? I found a pretty good site that is helping me to put together great content to talk about on my site.

You can visit them at

When you have great content that not only pleases your visitor, but the search engines also, you will get a good ranking with the Search Engine Optimization.

I know I don't have to tell you good rankings with the SEOs brings traffic and tons of it!

Get the order right (C>T>P>M) and your site will rank high on Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Remember if you want lots of qualified traffic use the formula. Need additional information regarding the formula visit

Talk to you soon!

Jackie Anderson

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Did you know I have Adsense ads on my blog?

I have AdSense ads on my blog and I often talk about links that I would like you to visit.

When people visit those links occasionally the Adsense ads get clicked on and then I make a little bit of money.

Really, this is what AdSense is all about and you could do the same and increase your own revenue stream!

What is Adsense?

If you look on the right side of my blog you will see Google ads. Google placed those AdSense ads there due to of the content on my site.

When someone visits my site and sees the ad and clicks it, Google will charge the advertiser and then I share in the income.

How Much is Your Share?

This varies do to the per click charge, but can be anywhere from a few cents to a lot of dollars.

If you look around at the different websites you’ll see literally thousands of Google ads out there. That should tell you there is a lot of money to be made with AdSense.

Of course, there are other factors such as site content. Content should be one of your main goals.

Remember the formula I spoke about earlier in the week? C-T-P-M

Content will bring you Traffic
Traffic leads you to
Presell and from there you

That’s the main technique in the winning formula that so many website owners are missing.
You want to know where I getting all this great information? I thought you did! You can learn just

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Affiliate Marketing

I'm researching Affiliate Marketing for my blog that I'd to tell you about.

What I've learned so far is there is a lot of planning when attempting to make money online.

Since my blog is primarily about making money online easily.

I've decided to add affiliate marketing as an additional stream of income. It appears that it is a little easier to research a product that someone else is selling and simply refer traffic to their website.

The past couple of days I've spent a lot of time researching affiliate programs that I'd like to tell you about.

One of the programs that I want to share with you is

What I like about, is that it allows you to build your own website using templates.

You don't have to know html, or use software like dreamweaver and can still achieve a great looking website.

If you do use any of those type of tools will only enhance it.

The tools are very easy to use. The hardest part of the program is that it makes you think and plan.

Everyone else on the web seem to be saying buy this canned website and viola you'll be a millionaire over night!

Well let's get real here! I don't know about you, but everything that I've achieved in my life has come with a lot of persistence and determination.

  • If you're looking for an additional revenue stream, and are looking for ease of use then you should consider
  • If you are looking to Get Rich Quick then is not the place for you.
  • If you're looking for a blue print that you can follow and are willing to put in some effort, then this is something that you should consider.

You'll do a lot of research and planning with what you'll discover are dreams, and ideas that you have long since forgotten.

You'll also find yourself exploring a lot of new possibilites while revisiting some old ones. To say it's exciting would be an understatement!

I'm looking into other revenue streams which I'll tell you about as I learn more.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

3 Easy Steps To Make Money Online: The Secret

3 Easy Steps To Make Money Online: The Secret

The Secret

Well it's been a couple of days since my last post. What have I been working on? The secret!

Yes, "The Secret" which is really not a secret to a lot of the online marketers, but they just aren't openly sharing "The Secret" with you. Well I'm here today to tell you more about "The Secret" which really isn't a secret.

I've been doing some research for several days now on "The Secret" and although it's to soon report totally just what "The Secret" is that I will be sharing with you. All I can tell you is that it's awesome! It allows you to build your website without having to know html.

It also, allows you to learn how to get great content to your website! Once you have great content the the search engines will love you for it. Then you'll get the traffic that we all know you need.

Once you have traffic then you want to presell your clients to get them into an open to buy frame of mind. Once they are in an open to buy frame of mind then and only then can you monetize that traffic and turn it into $$$$.

So that's pretty much the formula in a nut shell, remember Content generates traffic. Once you have the traffic then presell (not hitting them with a hard sales letter,) once you have their trust and credibility which assists in putting them into an open-to-buy frame of mind then that's when you can convert this traffic into those $$$ that you've then marketing for.

I'll share more with you later. I still have a lot of research to do on this concept.

Until then!!!

Jackie Anderson, Searching dollars4you

PS. If you want find out more of what I'm researching go over to

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How Do I Get People to Notice My Blog?

I was in this forum earlier today and came across the above question. Here is how I answered it. One way to get your blog noticed is to communicate in lots of forums.

Answer questions in the forum even if you have to do research to find the answer. Be sure to have your sig tag when you post your answer.

Do this on a consistent basis and you will begin to get recognition for your blog. Slow process,but very doable.

Jackie Anderson
PS. Take a look at my website it is simply fabulous.

On May 22, 9:05 pm, slc22150 wrote:> I am a new person on here and not sure how to get people to notice my> blog

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Work-at-Home Moms FREE Ebook!

Dear Work-at-Home Mom,

Just an's exciting to know that you don't need to sacrifice your
"family first" principle in order to earn some extra income.

Elizabeth, Cate, Erin and Jennifer, the authors of WAHM-IT!,The Masters Course,
are already living their dream ofworking at home, doing something they love, surrounded by the people they love. You can do it, too!

WAHM-IT!, The Masters Course will show you how. This excellent resource bundle is written "by WAHMS for WAHMs."

These encouraging moms give advice and suggestions that arebased on real experiences
and real successes. They are yourmentors, guiding you towards your goal.

So why I am offering WAHM-IT!, The Masters Course at no charge? It's a simple answer... I
want you to succeed.

An online business is the perfect way to do something for yourself and get paid for it!
Site Build It!, a site-building-hosting-marketing system, assumes that you know what you
want to do but you are not sure how to do it.

Site Build It! (SBI!) provides everything you need...a process that works - this natural, powerful, proven process is outlined, step by step, in an easy to understand Action Guide. Regardless of how "new" you are to the Net, you will understand it.

The complete set of integrated tools - everything you need to do the process perfectly
and on your own. No HTML and graphic design skills are required. You write about your
theme (which feels like playing because you love the subject so much!), while SBI! takes care of

everything else.

Round-the-clock Customer Support -- and you'll make friends in the SBI! Forums. It's the
friendliest "help-and-be-helped" place in the world. There is no cost to join this enthusiastic,

caring community.

I know you are busy, with little time to spare, so let's get started right away.
In the WAHM-IT! folder, there are four files...
1) ReadMeFirst.txt -- that's what you are reading now!
2) wahm-guide.pdf -- "WAHM-IT!, The Masters Course" providesall the how-to
information you need to successfully build areal business on the Net. Read this book first.
3) wahm-case-studies.pdf -- "Case Studies" shares theinspiring stories of real-life SBI!
WAHMs and their Websites.
4) wahm-get-organized.pdf -- "Get Organized to Work at Home"offers tips on managing your

household and familysuccessfully while you work.

Yes, you CAN have the best of both worlds... being with yourfamily and earning a good income. You're on your way...

Thrilling times ahead! :-)

My best wishes for your success, Jackie
P.S. You need ADOBE ACROBAT READER 5 (or higher) to use the Guide. If you do not have it,
please download now. It only takes a few minutes to download and install this free software.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Do your AdSense earnings suck?

Hi everyone,

I just came across this fantastic information and wanted to share it with you!

If you've been struggling trying to make a decent amount of money from AdSense you know how difficult it can be.

Well I've just come across a site that is the answer to all our prayers! Seriously, this guy's a British marketer who's earning a staggering $19,156 per month just using AdSense.

And no - he doesn't have thousands of sites, he's got a handful and says it's all down to the his secret AdSense Blueprint.

In fact, he started out just earning a couple of dollars a day like the rest of us but now he's making over $600!

Visit the site right now and you can watch the videos that show you how he does it:

I found the videos very informative and have been implementing the strategies!

Jackie Anderson

PS. Quickly go to the site

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Amazing New Discovery!

I have found this fabulous hosting website located at The reason I say that it is fabulous is simply because I've looked into some other site that are appear to be more cost effective.

But when I weigh the cost per value I came out with a different decision. Which is why I choose to go with this hosting company. We offer so many services that its simply awesome. Go to the website & check it out for yourself, you'll see!

New Discovery....

Today I'm learning to create links to my blogs. I'm glad that I made a copy of my template because I kept making mistakes in the html code. Mind you I didn't have to write this code, all I had to do was copy and paste the prewritten code into my template.

Ah, but the trick is knowing where in the html code window am I suppose to copy and paste this information. Well with a lot of trial an error. I finally did paste into the window. Now what I thought should have been a link in which anyone could click on & go directly to the website of the link in this case

Now I need to work on getting the link to show & actually having it work properly. I'll spend sometime later today to get this issue resolve. I'm still proud of myself because even with the mistakes I'm making I see progress and I'm learning a lot!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

How To Start Your Home Base Internet Business

Hi Everyone,

I came across this interesting article that I have been using and having success with! Thought you would be able to do the same.

The Fast & Easy Way to Start an Internet Home BusinessCopyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

Many people think that starting an Internet home business is hard. In fact, there is no business in the world that is faster or easier to launch. If you have 15 minutes and a connection to the Internet, I'll show you how to launch your own Internet business right away.

Before you launch your first Internet home business, you need to understand the basics. The first step of having a business on the Internet is having your own website. This is the major stumbling block for most people.

They think getting a website is expensive or difficult. It's neither of those things. Actually, it's free and it's easy. In fact, let's go ahead and get your first website setup rightnow. To do this I recommend using a free tool called Blogger. Blogger is used for creating blogs on the fly, but a blog is nothing more than a fancy name for a website.

To set up yourblog website now visit:
Once you arrive, click the "Create Your Blog Now" button on the page. On the next page enter a user name, password, display name and email address. Then click "Continue".

On the next page enter a blog title and blog address. These can be anything you want. Then enter the word verification code and click "Continue". On the next page choose a template for your blog (this is what your website will look like) and click "Continue". Voila...

Your blog/website has been created! Next, click the "Start Posting" button. A new page will appear giving you the option to add content to your new website. Write a title for your page in the "Title" field and then write whatever you want that page of your websiteto be about in the larger data entry field below the"Title" field on that page.

You can use the tools on that page to change your fonts, make links, format your text, add pictures, etc. When you're happy with what you've entered into the page, click the "Publish Post" button. You just created a new page on your website! On the next page displayed, you'll see a link that says: "View Blog".

Click that link and you'll see your website live on the Internet. Pretty easy, right?! ;-)
Now you can wash, rinse, repeat and create as many new pages on your website as you want.
But let's turn your website into a business first.

After all, websites are a lot more fun once they are making moneyfor you. Here's how: Get back into your Blogger account and click the"Template" tab. Then click the "AdSense" link near the top of the page.

AdSense is a simple but powerful program that allows you to earn advertising revenue from your website. Follow the easy instructions on that page to launch your AdSense account instantly.

On the next page click the"Save" button to save AdSense into your website. Then on the next page click the "Republish" button. Your website will instantly be rebuilt now showing a Google AdSense ad at the top of each page on your website.

Every time someonevisits your website and clicks one of those ads, you earn money from AdSense. You now have a moneymaking business setup on the Internet. How long did that take? 15 minutes!

The only thing you need to do now to start the cash flowing in is get people to visit your new website. One way to do this would be to tell your friends and family about yoursite. Here are two more easy things you can do to drive an unstoppable flow of traffic to your new website:

Traffic Strategy 1: Tell all the major blog directories about your new blog/website. To do this, visit and enter your blog name, blog URL(that's the link to your website generated by Blogger),check all the boxes on that page and click the "SendPings" button.

This will tell all the blog directories about your new blog/website and you'll start getting some traffic from interested visitors to those directories. Do this each time you add a new page to your blog.

Traffic Strategy 2: Go back to your blog URL/home page and click the "Next Blog" button at the top of the page. This will take you to another blog of another Blogger user. Read through a post or two on that person's blog and look for a link that says "Comments" and click it.

On the next page you'll be able to type your comments and a link back to your blog inside a form. Once you've added your comments, click the "Login and Publish" button; and a link to your site along with your comments will be added to that blog.

Repeat this process as many times as you want with other blog websites. This will "link you in" to a network of sites all over the Internet helping you drive a steady stream of traffic to your blog.

Blogger is a great tool to launch your Internet homebusiness, but it's not the only tool you should be using. To build a solid Internet home business that you can rely on, you need to register your own domain name and websitehosting account.

A domain name is your unique home on theweb that you own and control. Example: domain names are,,, etc. You could either register your own name as a domain or a keyword of something related to the topic of your business.

Either way, if you are going to have a legitimate long-term home business on the Internet, a domain name and websitehosting account are required. When choosing a domain name and hosting account, it's important to select a company that has a track record for success.

The company I host all my websites with is at:

This top-rated website hosting company also provides severalturn-key Internet home businesses called "Plug-In ProfitSites" such as the one described at: which is a very popular and easy way to start earning multiple streams of income on theInternet.

In fact, in addition to the blog you launched a few moments ago, you can get a Plug-In Profit Site setup in the next 24 hours and add another 5 easy streams of income to your Internet home business.

Alternatively, there are other turn-key Internet home business systems such as the one described at: which providesa proven formula to start making money online within minutes of signing up.

In fact, I earn an extra 5-figures everymonth using the above mentioned system myself. As you can see, starting an Internet home business isactually a very fast and easy thing to do.

Now that you know this, there should be nothing stopping you from earning a little extra income from home on the Internet. Persevere and you can make it your living just like myself and countless others have done.

About the Author: Stone Evans helps ordinary people all over the world makemoney online with affiliate programs. If you can follow 3easy steps, you can get your own custom website, autoresponder (email follow-up software) and pre-written email marketing campaign professionally designed and installed and ready to pull in profits for you in 24 hoursor less! See details at:

Note: You have permission to reprint this article in it's entirety in your newsletter or blog. Also please feel freeto pass it along to others who you think would enjoy it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

100 Bull**** Jobs

Did anyone read the Stanley Bing article in Fortune Business May 14th edition" entitled "100 Bull**** Jobs"? He has a blog regarding it at I found it to be interesting to say the least. What really got my attention is that this article appears in Fortune magazine.

Just goes to show you that if you put the write words together they will publish your article! I had one time thought at doing my own biz and it was going to be called "The pooper scooper Lady". I literally was going clean peoples yards of the dog poop! This idea came to me a while back during one of those times that I was in desperate need of money.

What I ended up doing was something totally different (I went & worked for a temp agency). Not nearly as lucrative. Just last week while perusing the classifieds I actually saw an ad advertising they would pooper scoop your yard!

I've heard there is a lot of money in this. I've been told you can scoop **** all the way to the bank :) check out his site should be good for a few laughts. Just an fyi...

How To Increase TrafficToYour Website

Today, I learned about some Free traffic sources. You want to write
articles regarding your industry and have them published in Ezine
directories. To find such directories you can do a search on google.
I found one such directory called

This is a fabulous way to drive traffic to your website. Once your
article is written make sure that you include your tagline at the
bottom of the page of all articles your write. Doing this will
substantially increase traffic to your website because you will become
known as the expert in your industry.

You'll want to use as many FREE traffic sources as possible to make
this work in your favor.

Best Regards,

Jackie Anderson
PS. If the link is not working properly copy and paste the web address
into your browser.

Monday, May 14, 2007

How Cool Is This!

I just created my clickbank account today. Using a fabulous web tutorial. I'm very excited about making money online. You know I've read a lot these past several days about blogging, advertising, getting the word out about my site, etc.

I must say at first it was a little bit intimidating. Then I finally calmed down and decided that I was really committed to this thing. So here I am writing my thoughts down. I found that because this is so new to me that it has literally taken me away from TV. Who needs that anyway.

Back to the tutorial I have several of them listed on my website at Its amazing after going thru tons & tons of trash about making money on the web that I finally came across someone who is willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Another first for me today was creating this blog for all the world to see. I must say I love the idea that I'm able to sit in the corner of my bedroom and be able to communicate with anyone who has web access. That's pretty much it for now. I'll keep you posted.

Jackie Anderson