Friday, June 15, 2007

Even With Pinkeye!

Hi everyone,

I've had an exciting couple of days. I went to the Doctor yesterday. The problem was with my eyes. I notices that I had what felt like a cut in the far corner of my right eye.

I noticed this on Tuesday, and after doing some self medicating attempting to fix the problem myself (putting peroxide on the infected area!) I finally went to the doctor.

Well, the prognosis was that I had the pink eye! Yeah that crusty stuff that keep your eyelids shut when you try to open them the first thing in the morning.

Naturally, my Doctor her name is Dr. Dolly was livid when I told her that I had been using peroxide on my eyes! Not in my eyes directly but close enough that if it had gotten into my eyes there probably could have been bigggggg problems :)

So I had to take off work yesterday and today, gushy stuff still coming out of the eye, but there is noticeable improvement. So I know tomorrow I'll be even better than today.

Guess what I'm able to write you this note with pretty limited vision right now. What an experience. Next time I'll know better.

In addition to that the weather here is about 93 degrees and the humidity is up there. Talk with you later. Thanks.

Jackie Anderson

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