Monday, May 4, 2009

8 Common Bum Marketing Mistakes

Hi Everyone,

I just read this great report "8 Common Bum Marketing Mistakes". I wanted to share with you what mistakes I was doing that are included in this report!

Item #1 having clickbank as your only resource which is talked about in this report and one of the mistakes I was making. After reading this report I rectified this mistake, whew!

Another mistake I was making, offering products and not making a lifetime income. I can proudly say another mistake has been fixed!

As you can see I was missing the mark on several things.

I'm happy I came across "8 Common Bum Marketing Mistakes". when I did. If I can help just one person stop making the same mistakes I was making will do my heart good.

Want to find out if you're making "8 Common Bum Marketing Mistakes"

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